Welcome to Smith's Children Montessori Nursery School

St. Luke's Church, Victoria Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DZ

Smith's Children Montessori is an independent nursery school in Cambridge, England which offers the Montessori method of education and philosophy to children aged 6 months to 5 years.

Smith's Children Montessori is located just off Victoria Road, a short walk or bicycle ride from the city centre and occupies a spacious first floor hall inside the church. The nursery is set back from the road and surrounded by a large garden at the front which children access throughout the day. There is a private car park for dropping off and collecting, bicycle parking and disabled access.

The nursery school provides a happy, caring and secure environment for children to develop and learn together. We have 3 special nurturing environments; The Nido (Nest), Infant Community and Children's House. Each classroom environment is a community where children are supported by qualified Montessori teachers and assistants who are focused towards guiding each child at their specific age or pace of development.

Our approach is to provide each child with the stability and freedom to learn through self-initiated activities, that aims to nurture independence leading to confidence, increased self-esteem and strong attachments to peers and adults.

Our ethos is one of 'Nurturing Wonderful minds'. Supporting children from birth to age five, through their 'sensitive periods', which includes the period of the absorbent mind. "We promote and support a diverse nursery community consisting of many cultures and religious faiths".

Nido (Nest)

From 6 months

Infant Community

From 16 months

Children's House

From 28 months

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