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Songs and Music

Sing, dance, and make music together

Singing together is a powerful way to build up the family structure. It activates the soothing parts of the brain.
  • Play instruments together - use real instruments if you have them or saucepans for drums, make paper plate and beans shakers, anything becomes an instrument.
  • Sing songs and favourite lullabies
  • Dance around to all kinds of funky music - see Spotify or You tube for ideas
  • Make a family song book and illustrate it.
  • Listen to favourite artists and talk about what you like about their music (not their ‘image’ but their music). Whether you have a beautiful voice or not, it doesn't matter to your children. Sing anyway!
Some song writers you may like:

Raffi Music, books and video Link Frank Leto music collection Link
Patty's primary songs Link Kathy Reid Naiman Link Baby pants music Link Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer Link

Song idea's by Ana

Once I Caught a Fish Alive Link Shake your Sillies Out Link Five Little Speckled Frogs Link Ten Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan Link

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