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Smiths Children Montessori Nido classroom
We welcome babies into our Nido through a separate entrance to enable their day to begins in as calm and familiar way as possible. Our dedicated staff will support your baby settle into the day with a happy, gentle routine filled with songs and varied play opportunities.

Our Nido environment provides a wide variety of activities to support your child’s holistic development, including gross motor, fine motor, language, art appreciation, music, healthy weaning, and the foundations for self-discipline!

Our indoor space includes: baby stairs, low furniture for cruising, pull up bars and weaning tables and chairs. We also have areas for language, music and fine motor skill activities.

Our outdoor space includes: foam climbing blocks, tunnel, balls and beanbags, songs and stories.

Each morning and afternoon we spend time observing your child and making detailed notes so we can present activities that support their current developmental needs. Montessori education is focused on helping children develop the ability to think independently, make choices and focus on one activity at a time. This begins in the Nido with highly-trained staff and a comprehensive timetable of engaging activities.

Smiths Children Montessori Nido classroom physical play

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