Transition to School

We aim for all children in our setting to have a smooth transition into the reception year at school. We aim to prepare children for the changes ahead by supporting them to be independent and confident in the decisions they make and to be considerate to others. Our Montessori approach aims to supports this and provides children with the resources to perfect practical life skills and prepare them with the foundations for academic study.

Destination Schools

Our children will move to some of the following local independent and state schools. Below you will find links to some of these schools.

Independent Schools                                                                 

St. Johns College School: (ages 4 - 13)                                

The Perse School: (ages 3 - 18)                                            

Heritage School:                                         

St. Faiths School: (ages 4 - 13)                                            

St. Mary's (girls 4 - 18)

Primary Schools

Arbury Primary School                                                           

St. Luke's Primary School                                      

Meadow Primary School                                       

Milton Primary School