Children's House

Children's House (Montessori Classroom age 3 - 5)

Our Children's House (
Casa dei Bambini) is situated within a spacious hall which benefits from vertical grouping and shared learning centered within the Montessori Environment and supported by our AMI Guides. Our Children's House offers the children broad learning opportunities within our stimulating and challenging prepared Montessori environment. Children are inspired by the opportunities offered by our classroom environment and follow their own interests which are supported to conclusion by our Montessori Teachers and Assistants. Children benefit from an uninterrupted work cycle of 3 hours.

Achievements are celebrated and children are valued for their individual characteristics.
Our prepared 'Montessori Environment' facilitates independent learning and development supported by our team of practitioners.

We aim to broaden children's understanding of the world that surrounds them with inspiring learning opportunities which include practical life experiences and outdoor pursuits in a safe and secure environment which challenges children to take risks. Supported further with
visits to local places.
We prepare children for the changes ahead by supporting them to be independent and confident in the decisions they make and to be considerate to others.

New Children's Kitchen, Smiths Children Montessori Nursery, Cambridge