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The Setting and Facilities

Smiths Children Montessori, is located at St. Luke's church, Victoria Road, Cambridge. The church building is constructed of natural stone and is a landmark in the local area with its history dating back to 1873. Set back from the road the nursery is accessible by gated entrances from the carpark and gardens. The gardens are fenced off from the road with mature trees and hedges that provide a generous outdoor space for children to explore throughout the day. 

The nursery interior spaces occupy a large hall on the 1st floor which is accessible by a staircase and lift. The setting is both warm, comfortable and functional; to enable children to learn independence and perfect the early skills they need in preparation for later life. Our prepared Montessori environment includes all new furnishings throughout with a large selection of learning materials and activities for all age groups.

The Montessori school opened in January 2012 and offers Montessori education and care for up to 46 children from ages 6 months to 5 years. We have 3 special classroom environments that include; The Nido, Infant Community and Children's HouseEach environment is focused towards supporting each child at their specific age or pace of development. Montessori teachers guide children in their learning using Montessori teaching techniques and materials that encourage self-initiated learning which promotes independence and confidence from a young age

Children are supported by qualified Montessori teachers who observe and guide children in their learning, and prepare digital learning journeys to provide feedback to parents. The Montessori teachers are supported by assistants who support children's care needs throughout the day.

The Nursery School was founded in January 2012 by husband and wife, Max and Pamela Gordon-Smith. The Montessori School was founded on the principles and teachings of Dr Maria Montessori.

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