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Childcare Places, Cambridge

Applying for a Nursery Place in Cambridge

If you are looking for a nursery place for your son or daughter and would like to visit the nursery prior to submitting a registration form we would love to hear from you! A guided tour may be booked during the week or on Saturdays. 

Please email  alternatively call us on tel: 01223 30 10 47

Advise for Parents concerning Nursery Places
The nursery school is generally at full capacity throughout most of the year. Demand for full time nursery places in Cambridgeshire is generally very high. Children do leave for various reasons during the course of the year which is expected and places therefore do become available which we offer, first to parents who have registered their son or daughter for a place and have joined our waiting list.

In the period July to September we see many older children leave the nursery shortly before they transition to school in September. Therefore new places often become available which we can offer to parents. July to September is therefore a good time to register your son or daughter and they may start nursery as early as July.

From July 2020, the following places are now open to registrations

18 Full Time Places (Monday - Friday 8 am to 6 pm) and,
4 Places for children to attend 3 days per week (8 am to 6 pm).

Availability may be subject to change as places are offered to parents on our waiting list or children leave the nursery and new places are created!

Updated 29th June, 2020

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